DK Composites Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Dian Kreatif Sdn. Bhd.) is a Malaysian-German company established in Malaysia since October 1997. The company was originally founded to lead the production of pre-fabricated composites domes in Malaysia.

DK Composites specializes in advanced composites material technology application with skilled personnel having considerable experience in the aerospace, aircraft, and automotive industries. These extensive experiences are used for the effective application of composites material in architecture and building construction. 


Company Policies 

  1. To provide products and services with the highest possible standards.

  2. To satisfy customers needs and expectations of Quality, Safety, Reliability and Services.

  3. Maintain and enhance international recognition as an advanced composite products design and manufacturing entity, through application of highest production standard, continuous improvements and effective implementation.


Company Objectives 

  1.  Achieving customer satisfaction through continuous reduction in the number of customer complaint and by reducing the lead time of our products availability.
  2. Beating the customers' expectation.


Financial Standing

DK Composites average annual turnover is about RM30 million. This has been achieved through the strategy of continuously improving the way we do our business and meeting our customers' expectations.



  1. Ministry of  Finance Malaysia

  2. Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)

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